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Water Fire Extinguishers

Water Fire Extinguishers

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Water fire extinguishers are the original fire extinguisher and still one of the most used.

Summary: Standard water fire extinguishers only work on fires involving flammable solids, but can be a good choice for some premises, such as warehouses and storage facilities.

Also known as: 'Class A' fire extinguishers,

Water fire extinguisher uses: Fires involving flammable solidssuch as paper, wood, and textiles (‘class A’ fires).

Do not use water fire extinguishers for:

  • Electrical fires – this would be highly dangerous and could result in electrocution.
  • Fires involving flammable liquids, such as petrol and paint (‘class B’ fires).
  • Fires involving flammable gases, such as methane and butane (‘class C’ fires).
  • Cooking fires involving oil and grease, such as chip pan fires (‘class F’ fires).

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