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Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

We carry out fire extinguisher servicing in Dublin and the whole of Ireland for all types of business.

All of our extinguisher engineers are Fire industry Association of Ireland approved and work to Irish Standards and regulations.

If you are responsible for fire safety for a business, then you must make sure fire extinguisher servicing is carried out annually to meet current fire safety regulations.

Fire extinguisher servicing is needed to make sure your extinguishers are kept in full working order in the event of a fire.

All of our extinguisher engineers are fire industry Association of Ireland registered and provide comprehensive fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance in Dublin and the whole of Ireland.

Irish standard registration means our team is monitored by an independent 3rd party, so you can be confident that you will always receive a thorough, quality service and meet regulatory and insurance requirements.

Your fire extinguishers should be properly serviced once a year by a qualified fire extinguisher engineer. Our engineers will check a number of things:

The tamper pin: this has got two jobs. It holds the safety pin in place, but it also lets you see at a glance whether or not the fire extinguisher could have been used. Our engineers will check whether your extinguisher has been used and will refill where possible.

The pressure gauge: this tells you whether or not the fire extinguisher is fully pressurised. Sometimes the gauge needle can ‘stick’ as a result of damage or moisture which means the extinguisher could have lost pressure completely – and therefore won’t work – but the gauge indicates all is well. Our engineers will check this for you.

The extinguisher body: if the body of the fire extinguisher shows signs of corrosion, dents, gouges etc. it could be dangerous and may even burst. We will make sure all of your fire extinguishers are sound and rust-free.

Your fire extinguishers also need to display a label which will give information about its operation, ratings, refilling and anything else worthy of note. If any of this text is no longer legible then the extinguisher will usually need to be condemned.

The extinguisher hose: our engineers will check the fire extinguisher hose isn’t damaged, torn or frayed, otherwise it may not work effectively in the event of a fire.

How we can help

  • We cover the whole of Dublin and the whole of Ireland for fire extinguisher servicing
  • Industry accredited, fire industry association of Ireland registered extinguisher servicing engineers.
  • All makes and models of fire extinguisher serviced.
  • Service plans for all budgets, including fixed-price.
  • Full servicing and certification to Irish Standards and Regulations.
  • Full range of spare parts carried by engineers so your premises are left fully certified.
  • Wall brackets fixed and extinguisher stands supplied where required.

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