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  • EQA
  • ISO 45001
  • PSA
  • ISO 14001
  • FIA

Keyholding And Alarm Response

Alarm Monitoring And Response

When an alarm is triggered at your premises, one of our alarm response team will respond and act according to predetermined instructions loaded in our system for that location. We will investigate the cause, and report on our findings, detailing time onsite, time offsite and what they found. In the event of a genuine break-in, the Garda will be called to establish an event number, the key holder will be phoned and we will remain onsite if requested to await the arrival of the key-holder.

Follow Up And Follow Through

Our team member will continue to remain onsite until released by the key-holder. Should the breach be to such an extent that the building cannot be made secure; a static guard will be made available to protect the premises until released by the authorized key-holder.

  • Out of hours cover – night time and weekends on call 24-7
  • Audited response time
  • Gardaí are only called out to confirmed events.
  • You will have peace of mind that your keys, premises and staff are safe.

Professional Key-Holding Services

Professional key holding has many advantages for your home and business, it can free you from worry and any need to delegate keys to employees.

Without any key holding and alarm response services, you are leaving your business vulnerable to criminal activity and any untoward incident can leave you at risk for property damage that can be costly and potentially not covered under your insurance.

With RFC Fire And Security Systems key-holding and alarm response service we can keep your keys off-site in a secure facility coupled with a prompt alarm response service.

You can relax knowing your property is secure and looked after.

Why Outsource Your Key-Holding?

There are many advantages to outsourcing your key-holding. From a decreased chance of loss or damage, to complete protection for you and/or your staff.

And with RFC Fire And Security Systems you know that you will be getting a very professional service at very reasonable rates.

Some Of The Main Reasons To Use Us:

  • No more late night/ early morning call outs for your key staff, eliminating the inconvenience of a disturbed night’s sleep.
  • Eliminate any risk to your staff members, who could otherwise be vulnerable to violent crime or other dangers.
  • Losses or damages could be minimised by having faster response times.

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