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Protecting your business and home.

It’s our business to keep you crime free. We offer a first class CCTV installation, maintenance and monitoring service.

  • Why hire a security guard when you can have a fully monitored system at a rate that is 90% more cost effective than a security guard.
  • A security guard cannot be everywhere on a premise at once but we can ensuring every camera captures all areas of the premise.
  • We are always accountable we never fall asleep on the job and we never turn a blind eyeSecuritysystems.ie Operators use live video streaming footage to assess a range of activity, putting us virtually on-site and ready to respond.

The Main Components that make up a Remote CCTV Monitoring Service are:

  • CCTV Cameras that provide excellent Night time viewing located in the best positions to enable the monitoring station to locate an intruder with ease. Wireless CCTV Cameras can be used if it is difficult to cable to the desired camera locations.
  • A DVR Connected to Broadband to provide seamless Remote CCTV Viewing by the operatives in the monitoring Control Centre.
  • External Beams connected to the CCTV System which will provide a remote alert to the Monitoring Centre when the beam is crossed. The monitoring station staff will be alerted with an immediate pop up of live footage of the intruders. Ideally the beams would be placed around the perimeter of the property. Where this is not possible detection beams can be placed on the building where they would operate in a normal way spanning a certain area. This is probably the most important aspect of the system as the monitoring station becomes aware of an intrusion when a beam is broken. Wireless detectors are available in point to point beams and as normal PIR detectors, this is especially advantageous where it is difficult to run cables.
  • An audio system is installed and connected to the CCTV System this allows the monitoring station to verbally warn off the intruder and let them know the GARDAI have been notified of the intrusion whilst still viewing the live footage of the intruders from the monitoring station. In 97% of most cases the audio warning is enough to deter criminal activity.


Protecting your business and home 24 hours per day. Using the latest technology from our local control room securing your premises.

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