2nd October 2018 @ 3:38 PM

Sound Home Security Advice Maximize The Safety of Your Home

The best piece of advice I ever got about home security was from a Garda Sergeant while I was on a course about protecting your home. He told me that most people know that burglars are usually opportunists. So the most effective way of keeping your family safe is to think: “How would I break into my own house ?”

The simple fact is that each and every person knows the individual weakness of their house. You know the layout and design of your home because you live there. As most folks leave their home for any extended period of time, they automatically check that everything is locked up. You check all the areas of weakness such as double checking ground floor windows or doors. Use this little gem of knowledge to maximize the safety of your house, its contents and your loved ones.

Home security is what we do!

Here at RFC Fire & Security Services we never let a great idea pass by unnoticed and as a result we now offer you the chance to build your own home alarm system. Why not design the perfect answer to keeping what needs to be kept safe. And really safe!

Our home alarm systems come at a great price and can include 24 hour monitoring for 12 months free. If you decide, you can build your own CCTV system or include carbon monoxide or smoke alarms.

Avoid the pain and trauma and let us give you peace of mind and a safe secure environment.

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