2nd October 2018 @ 3:37 PM

Why CCTV Systems Are Important for Dublin Businesses

We asked one of our clients to provide some insight into what he saw as the main reasons for having a high quality CCTV system in place. So in the words of our customer...

I have been an Operations & Security Manager for a little over 8 years in a Municipal Art Gallery in Dublin. I use our CCTV system everyday so I have a clear understanding of the many advantages of CCTV Systems. First of course is the fact that you can review what happened during a break-in, but that is very obvious.

Here is the sad fact, there are many more falls and trips than break-ins. For instance members of the public have come to gallery events with a few glasses of wine consumed before arriving at the reception. They don’t see the large sculptural artworks on the floor, even with a security guard standing in front of the artwork. And crash! Were you there to witness it? Of course not, you were busy sorting out a person stuck in the lift.

You cannot have eyes everywhere and even the best, most diligent security guard will not remember all the details. Was the member of the public wearing appropriate footwear or was there any evidence that they were not fully sober? Well, thankfully, in the cold light of the morning I can walk into my security office and use my CCTV System and carefully review a number of different camera views that don’t exaggerate or lie. Then I take one of my blank CD-RWs and burn a copy. A quick incident report and if a solicitor’s letter comes in the post, I am all ready.

Next fact, others are going to need your footage. The local Gardaí ask me for footage at least twice a month, because some of our cameras look out onto the street. Everything from bag snatchers, to bicycle thieves or even car crashes all caught on my CCTV. And on the very few occasions when one CCTV camera was down, it was like losing a limb. The amount of requests for that footage was huge. I have found that by helping others (with the proper authorisation) that when I need help it is always close at hand.

So make sure you have great CCTV Systems in your Dublin Business. Try to get HD CCTV, it makes a world of difference the crystal clear images for playback. Also invest in a great playback system. I can’t stress how crucial great CCTV Systems are for protection against fraudulent claims and capturing opportunists. Ireland is quickly becoming like the USA and UK with insurance claims, and I speak from bitter experience. There have been a few solicitor letters in the post, but thankfully I had kept the CCTV footage. So get in the habit of making use of the tools at your disposal.

So here is where Ronan Malone from RFC Fire & Security Services comes in. He provides a wide range of affordable CCTV Systems for Dublin Businesses. You want to ensure that you get the best? The best is what you’ll get when you come to work with Ronan and RFC Services for your security needs.

When it comes to your security requirements, whether it’s residential, industrial or commercial, David will give you peace of mind and he will quote you for a custom built CCTV solution to suit your budget.

At RFC Services, we specialise in providing a complete CCTV solution, tailor-made to your requirements. Our experienced in-house team of designers and after care specialists will provide you with the very latest in state of the art technology at a price you can afford.

We carry only the very best of complete CCTV Systems so it makes perfect sense to visit us first.

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