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Prevent Employee Theft In Your Business

Small and medium businesses can suffer significant losses each year as a result of employee theft and fraud.  In many cases, these businesses don't have the knowledge or resources to prevent this from happening. There are a number of steps you can take to prevent employee theft in your business so today we are discussing our top tips to help you secure your business.

Know Your Employees

When you are hiring new employees, interview them thoroughly and always check references. 

Employees who are most likely to commit theft or fraud in the workplace have often done so before, and it may show up in their work history. While potential employees generally provide 2 or 3 references for you to contact, have a look through their entire work history or Linkedin profile and don't be afraid to make contact with other companies if you feel there may be something to discover.

Educate Your Staff

Provide staff with an employee handbook which clearly outlines what is considered inappropriate behaviour or fraudulent activity, and the consequences for any infractions. A clear disciplinary procedure is important. Employees should be required to sign a statement to acknowledge that they understand the rules and procedures in this area. Provide an anonymous, confidential reporting system so that employees can report any suspicions without fear of retribution.

Create a Positive Work Environment

Research has shown that employees who steal from their workplace are doing it as a result of a negative working environment or resentment towards an employer for overlooking them on a promotion or payrise opportunity. Create a positive environment for your employees - encourage 


feedback, regular reviews, a clear organisational structure and lines of communication will help employees to realise where they stand within the company and know that they can approach their manager with any issues without fear of reproach.

Put Controls in Place

Restrict access to sensitive information, accounts and safes to authorised employees only. Ensure you have a trusted manager present when cash lodgements are being made, and install CCTV security cameras overlooking tills and safes. Check back on footage regularly.

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