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5 Reasons To Use RFC Business Keyholding Service

RFC Fire & Security  Services are specialists in Keyholding for Dublin Businesses. Keyholding is a professional and efficient security service whereby our expertly trained staff act as a third-party key holder to your business, on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all year round.

1. Quick Response Time

Not all businesses are lucky enough to have their owner or a member of management or staff living within a few minutes of the premises. The response time to an alarm at your premises could be the difference between peace of mind and a major incident. RFC Fire & Security Services are on-call 24 hours a day, monitoring your business from our state-of-the-art control centre. Our highly trained mobile security guards respond to all alarm activations or emergencies at your premises within minutes and remain on-site until the issue has been fully resolved.

2. Responsibility

As the business owner, you have keys to access your premises. Giving additional keys to managers or members of staff places a lot of additional responsibility on them, such as always being early for work and staying on late in order to lock up. So you need to place complete trust in these staff members to keep your premises secure. What happens if you or these members of staff are on holidays or out sick? What if a set of keys goes missing? This may be a costly item to replace. Reduce this reliance on members of staff by using a key holding service. Our trained security guards can be on site at specified times to unlock and lock the premises and ensure the security of the site.

3. Safety

RFC Fire & Security Services Security Staff are professional and fully trained to deal with any incidents, meaning you eliminate any risk to the safety of your own staff. Putting the safety of your staff first is of paramount importance to your business, and improves staff morale.

4. Risk

If the same staff members or owners are locking up each day, there is an increased risk of surveillance by potential criminals. They can easily get to know your schedule and be aware of times where the responsible member of staff is alone on the premises. A key holding service eliminates this risk as our staff are trained to deal with such risks.

5. Costs

The majority of alarm activations at business premises are false alarms. Placing the responsibility on your staff to attend false alarm activations out of hours can be both inconvenient for them and costly for you, as you have to increase their salary to be on call for such events or have them claim overtime for this reason. It may also reduce their productivity during their actual working hours if they have been called out in the middle of the night to answer an alarm, affecting your overall business output. If your nominated staff member mislays their set of keys, this will also be an additional cost to your business. RFC Fire & Security Services is a cost effective solution which eliminates the need for placing this responsibility on staff, as well as giving you peace of mind for the security of your business.

But why take our word for it...

I would like to express my appreciation for the highly efficient service that you provided to us on [21st January 2017] and, in particular, your very courteous and efficient Security Representative, who attended the scene very promptly and, no doubt, as a consequence, neither any material damage was done to our property, nor anything stolen. We really appreciate you delivering your service in such an efficient manner.
Malcolm Fraser (Hussey Frasser Solicitors)

When it comes to your security requirements, whether it is residential, industrial or commercial, RFC Fire & Security Services give you peace of mind and a solution to suit your budget.

At RFC Fire & Security Services, we specialise in providing a complete business security solution, tailor-made to your requirements. Our experienced in-house team provide you with the very latest in state of the art technology and physical security at a price you can afford.

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